ENEMY YOU: Stories Never Told: CD

Aug 25, 2006

San Francisco four piece that cooks up a mean flame on this one—you can cook hotcakes on this baby! Enemy You take elements of some of my favorite bands like Bad Religion and Face to Face, chuck them in the old Bass-O-Matic and lets the scales fly. “East and West” is about some girl who’s in real trouble. Things are so bad she’s singing Journey lyrics into the mirror—ouch! “Something New’ laments the lameness of the U.S. mass counter culture and how it’s taken over everyone’s lives. If Clear Channel weren’t such a bunch of pussies they would play “72 Hours” on the radio because of the catchy chorus—“But some things never seem to change/I’m still the same old kid/I don’t get paid/I don’t get laid/And I don’t really care.” Classic. Trust me—you need this to blast in the car going ninety miles an hour down the freeway. Not that I am condoning breaking the law or anything.

 –koepenick (Red Scare)