ENEMIES, THE : Seize the Day: CD

Jul 10, 2009

I keep hearing all these latent grunge-isms creeping into various punk rock formats. What the fuck is up with that??? I mean, this is DEFINITELY supposed to be "street punk," or whatever the fuck that which was called "street punk" twenty-four months ago is now known as, but i swear to fucking GOD i hear ample grunge contamination herein. Boy, call me crabby, but all i hear here (note: that was a particularly clever reference to a Hollies album title) is Mountain Dew® commercial music waiting to happen, likely snuck under the radar screen by presumed connection to the marginalized! For the cry-yi! This band is at their best – AT THEIR BEST – when they merely kinda sound like Rancid knockoffs, at their worst when spouting dumb-as-death-metal gibberish like "last rights, my settlement, bestows its empty threats on all, but no one's here," and at their most disturbing when they LEGITIMATELY seem to be trying to rip off "Longview" on "East 14th." Lyrics include exciting subject matter such as "broken dreams." Why has no one thought of this before? I honestly hope that, for whatever lunatic reason, somebody at Lookout really felt passionate about this band, because all i'm hearing is a band who got signed on the off chance that they might become the next big thing, and it'd be kinda sad if that label wound up being run like a mutual fund or something. WORST SONG TITLE: "Last Rights"  BEST SONG: "Moving On"  FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I can't remember what the UK equivalent to "Hear! Here!" was, but if i was forced to guess i'd say the third one.


 –norb (Lookout!)