Oct 16, 2008

Since the whatever wave of street punk/ catchy oi – fronted and fortified by Rancid, The US Bombs, and the Dropkick Murphys – has seemed to let some of the fire burn from its torch, there’s quietly a new cadre of bands that have taken a lot of the now-familiar cues of CockSparrer, Blitz, the Sex Pistols, 999, and Peter and the Test Tube Babies. The Ends are right at the top. What’s cool is that they’re not afraid to add the less-than-strictly-street-punk elements, opening the dilation to include Elvis Costello and Eater, infusing the moodiness of Johnny Thunders without the self-indulgence, and the slash and fun of new wave. Instead of watering down or being wanky, a new bounce makes it fresh. Other bands – that have nothing really in common with The Ends, except they somehow vaulted out of a dead-end drive that so many brick in as their own tombs – would be Wednesday Night Heroes, the GC5, Mea Culpa, and Broken Bottles. There’s some truly transcendent tracks on this. Highly suggested.

 –todd (Pelado)