Jul 23, 2007

Saw these two bands on tour with Iron Lung back in February. Great show. The record was done but was missing due to a UPS error. So no tour edition for me. But I had already procured a regular copy on clear and red splatter vinyl that was on the way. Yup, I’m a record nerd sometimes. It looks so pretty! If you are one angry muthafucker, this release just might pacify you. The Endless Blockade hail from Toronto, Canada. Picture your friend kicking you repeatedly in the gonads (if you are male) until you black out from the pain. This could be the accompanying soundtrack that goes through your mind while you are enduring the punishment—extreme bipolar fits of rage going from extreme sludgey dirge to manic fits of thrash rage. It amazes me that this was ever conceived. But seeing this band a couple of times live was proof enough for me. Hatred Surge brings a can of Texas-sized whoop ass. Straight for the throat, choke you while being suspended in the air hardcore. But watch out when they go to supersonic mode and attack you with the blast beats. The band also uses feedback to its advantage to bring on a sour mood before slamming you with some heavy power chords accompanying the banging of drums that sound like they were super sized. Dual male and female vocals with angered delivery add to the flavor. This is one puffed out chest, standing tall release. No matter how angry I might feel, these two bands make me look like a cartoon character.

 –don (Schizophrenic)