Mar 17, 2009

Endangered Feces is the Pooplo Picasso of scat songs. What’s that? You say you’ve grown up? You’re too old for poop jokes? Liar! Your taste for poop jokes has only matured like a fine wine. Well, maybe not like a fine wine, but like a perfectly acceptable wine, a wine that you drink so much of that it gives you the runs. The truth is that you still crack up when an old person walks by and accidentally lets a big wet one slip. You’ll crack up just as much when you hear the lyrics to “Deuces Wild,” about the moral quandaries that arise when people are hit with turtle heads when they’re in their cars. “When deuces are wild, toilet paper is like gold.” Indeed. But this CD, which flies by like a healthy post-burrito blast, does not sound like shit at all. The songs are tight and catchy. It’s pop punk with a hardcore education, just rough enough around the edges to give it some urgency. And, of course, life can’t revolve around poop (although, to some extent, it does), so the band throws in a quick cover of “On the Road Again.” Buy this and stop pretending that your sense of humor is any different now than it was in fifth grade.

 –mp (Overdose On Records)