Great packaging. Silk-screened sleeve, hand-stamped vinyl, translucent paper insert, limited to 300. End on End: Completely took me by surprise when I saw them live. Andy’s a frontman who knows how to work a crowd, go aggro, but never hit anyone who didn’t want to get hit. I was less than impressed by their Headline single, but they’ve learned their lessons well. As they are live, the two songs here are punchy, dynamic, sweaty, and most importantly, don’t sound like a Rites of Spring reunion tour. What’s immediately obvious on this recording is how tightly wound yet well composed the songs are. They’re both gruff and huffy, yet expansive – somewhere between hardcore and emo, but not in a pussy or shitty way. Life in Pictures: Crank up the screamo dial, tap into some metal licks, slow it down, get all moist, drop a tear on their shoes, then go back to yelling. Tough/tender guy stuff that’s a harder sell for me.

 –todd (Coldbringer)