END OF POWER: Shackled to a Corpse: CD

Mar 12, 2010

Four tracks of huge and immensely heavy, Motörhead-inspired metal here from Chris Fields’ (JCCC/Dwarves) latest on this EP. After a couple stints playing together in bands like VictoryMansion and Machinegun, Chris and the rhythm section of Russell Guenther (bass) and Erik Lukasik (drums) solidify End Of Power’s lineup. Fierce, rhythmic pounding keeps the tempo going with fat-bottom bass and live drums that fill the room. In some places the songs slow down to epic symphonic dirges like you’d hear on Ride the Lightning, then pick back up to Kill ‘Em All speed. Fans of Red Fang and High On Fire rejoice with this one. This shit is tough. The four tunes here have me excited for a full length.

 –Jeff Proctor (endofpower.com)