END OF A YEAR: Self-titled: 7”

Jul 02, 2009

End Of A Year continues to be a shining example of what used to be amazing about hardcore. They’re songwriters, plain and simple, with lyrics that go beyond the used up HC topics of friendship, betrayal, or heart break. These aren’t a bunch of glammed-up, emo kids playing watered-down death metal with breakdowns… these are some true grit musicians writing about life. If you crossed the Revolution Summer sound with a trace of early Meat Puppets, then you’ll get a sense of what they’re doing. Fans of their last LP Sincerely will dig on this record. The trippy cover art was drawn by Erol Otus, illustrator of the early Dungeons & Dragons franchise.

 –Evan Katz (Deathwish, Deathwishinc.com)