Jan 19, 2012

Enabler play tight, angry, black metal-influenced hardcore with some pretty awesome blast beats and growling, shrieking vocals. The lyrics attack stuff like apathy and religion. Most of all, they have a vendetta against nihilism and sing about staying true to what you believe in, whether or not you have a chance of being heard or things getting better: “You’re so naive to believe that you have a voice/you’re so foolish to think you can make a difference/does that mean you should give up?/you can’t give in/ a lesson in self-control/… to the lack of will that this world has.” Go, Enabler! Ambassador Gun, on the other hand, makes Enabler’s band name literal. By that, I mean that Enabler is providing the means and opportunity for a much shittier band by sharing a tape with them. Okay, that’s kind of harsh, but Ambassador Gun play by-the-numbers crust, metal, whatever...

 –Craven (Sacred Plague, sacredplague.com)

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