EMOK: Shove Your Head into the Ground and Feed It to the Earth: CD

Oct 18, 2006

I’m not sure what I think about this one, but I think that’s good. It seems like it’s bridging a no-longer-distant gap between between arty-leaning hardcore and a Korn-wannabe band, so upon first listen I immediately reached for my can of anti-art pesticide spray and a cudgel. But I think the blurring of lines is a good and healthy thing and should be encouraged. Categorization is something that should be pounded into the dirt like a bag full of wriggling maggots. Plus, there’s actually something on this disc that sounds musical to my ears and that’s rare for self-aware crossbreeds of this sort. A bit studied for my thick-skulled tastes, but all in all not bad. I hope this doesn’t mean I’m getting soft.

 –aphid (Wrong)