Emerging Framework of World Power, The: By Noam Chomsky, audio CD By Maddy

Sep 16, 2010

Listening to over seventy minutes of Chomsky can be a mind-numbing experience. I’ve seen him speak many times, and, compared to lefties like Howard Zinn, Michael Moore or Ralph Nader, he’s not the most compelling performer. However, few have done more to advance theories and understanding of the American empire, exposing the massacres in East Timor, and shedding light on everything from the Vietnam War to U.S. policy in Latin America. On this CD, taken from a spring 2002 speech in Boston, he discusses the world post-9/11, including U.S. historical ties to the Middle East, U.S. violation of the Geneva Convention, and the role of Latin America in the new world order. He states, “The emerging framework of world power should not be an object of detached contemplation, but has to be forged by dedicated work and struggle, always based on an effort to dismantle doctrinal constraints to see what’s before our eyes, which is not really very deeply hidden.” Chomsky’s role – and it is an important one – is to do the extensive research necessary to tackle these constraints, sift through the garbage, and let us (who are too busy working, raising families, worrying about bills or just booking the latest punk tour) know what’s going on. Unfortunately, this CD is a little hard to sit through for all but the most knowledgeable leftist. Instead, I’d recommend any of David Barsamian’s excellent interviews with Chomsky – many of which are available in book form from AK Press. At a time when almost every American is thinking about foreign policy, these interview books would make a great gift for your more mainstream friends or family members. Give the gift of Chomsky this Christmas? Why not! –Maddy (Alternative Tentacles, PO Box 419092, SF, CA 94141)



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