Jul 25, 2002

Never have I heard a group so sonically similar to The Who during their hooliganistic mid-‘60s heyday than The Embrooks and their cacophonous kaleidoscope of wailing musical savagery! The over-amped, demento-distorted guitar-crunch roars with such jangle-rumble ferocity, my ears are now permanently damaged with a ravaging case of Pete Townsend-syndrome (more commonly known as tinnitus); the molten, flesh-meltin’ leads and swirling, skin-scorchin’ solos are all-at-once ballsy, bluesy, slithering, and psychedelic. Lois, the explosive demolition-detonatin’ drummer, is the female equivalent of Keith Moon; only she’s more barbaric, brutal, and raucously rampaging with her percussive barrel-poundin’ prowess. The bass is a low-end auditory freight train cram-packed with technically proficient storms of seismic sound. Pristinely smooth nasal-wheeze vocals discordantly soar throughout this thunderous onslaught of garage rock rowdiness. Yep, it’s a magnificently colossal assortment of structurally perfect noise-blastin’ splendor in the vibrant vein of The Kinks, The Yardbirds, Love, and the cream of the “Nuggets” crop. “Our New Day” is damn well on its merry lil’ way of becoming one of the most aurally blistering faves of my lifetime. Robustly recommended!

 –Roger Moser Jr. (Bomp/Voxx)