Jan 19, 2016

After an intro that seems to go on forever (I was tempted to just pick the needle up and forego the whole thing out of annoyance) this album finally starts. I kind of wish it hadn’t. This is one of those situations where I’m desperately trying to find something positive to say about a record and finding nothing. This is basically demo-quality “post-punk” with sharp inflections of the Cure and Smiths-y phrasing that I really want to like but sounds boring as hell. The vocals remind me so much of late-’90s alternative rock that it distracts from anything I may find appealing about this. I’m sure I’m supposed to come up with a bunch of more obscure references, but I’m not going to because that would just be splitting hairs. Some of the songs (“Generation”) are sort of verging on something good, but are lost in muddy structures and uninspired vocal melodies that sear over the top. 

 –Ian Wise (Dead Tank)