Far and away the high point of this whole loud and painful affair, the gross and stylish cover art is reminiscent of a cross between Gary Panter’s work for Raw magazine in the ‘80s and something that would’ve gotten Mike Diana tossed in the pokey back around then. The band, however, should change its name to “The Uck,” owing to its great uckiness. If i remembered what Steel Pole Bathtub sounded like, I’d see if these guys sounded at all like them. Uck. BEST SONG: “Saddest Comedian” BEST SONG TITLE: Either “Rib-Eye for the Dead Guy” or “Nurse Feratu” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: If I am reading things correctly, “You’re Welcome” is the only entity on the “Thank You” list.

 –norb (Satan’s Pimp/Humaniterrorist)