Jan 11, 2013

I must admit, I grabbed this because I saw it was on Satan’s Pimp, which was/is a label from the 1990s that was known for interesting packaging and music that pushed against the borders. I like not knowing what I’m going to exactly get from a record all the time. And, as a label, that’s what Satan’s Pimp does. You know it’s not going to be the norm, but how far out is always the question. Musically, Elephant Rifle sound like something that could have been on Touch & Go, early Sub Pop, or Am Rep. Their style is, I guess, what one would call post-rock, or maybe post-hardcore. No easy categorization. Songs are sometimes wound up tight, then, other times, they are a sprawling and thundering landscape of percussion with guitars and bass churning in the back. I find myself going back to the second side of this record most. The songs just flow together more and the overall feel is more cohesive, not to mention, much darker sounding. The transition from “Saddest Comedian” to the slower, broodier, ominous “Nurse Feratu” makes sense, as they both have the same feel, despite one being more hyper and the other more down.

 –M.Avrg (Satan’s Pimp / Humaniterrorist, humaniterrorist.tumblr.com)

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