ELEPHANT MAN: Self-titled: 7″

This Bay Area band (or project?) features members of Capitalist Casualties, Agents of Satan and Plutocracy. Lyrics, I assume, are sung in Japanese because that is how they are written out and I can’t tell from the screaming pouring out of my speakers. The music is heavily Black Sabbath soaked but tends to veer out of control into the thrash vein. Slow, fast, slow, fast. It makes me dizzy. An aural experience of pain and despair with rage and aggression. Like smoking pot for awhile, then doing some lines of methamphetamine and some heavy drinking to come back down. Their cover of Black Flag’s “Thirsty and Miserable” kicks ass on Lemmy’s (Motorhead) version on the Rise Above comp. Music that would put my nut sack into knots.

 –don (Impatience or Indifference)