ELEKTROLUX: Self-titled: LP

Sep 23, 2009

I like this, although I have a hard time putting my finger on exactly what genre of music it is. A French band from Marseille, they sing in English and have short and interesting lyrics, to wit, “The Boy Aside”: “& if I was Christ myself I wouldn’t start any religion but stay home all day long eating food as praised in the TV commercials.” Fantastic! The singer has a nice, deep voice, robust and appealing. On the first song on the second side, it almost reminds me a little of Mr. Jim Thirwell (also known as Clint Ruin, Foetus, etc.). They go through a couple different styles on the album; I sometimes hear a little Birthday Party influence, or maybe some Firewater, and the guitar in a couple of songs has an almost rockabilly feel. A female guest vocalist sings on a couple tracks and it’s an interesting addition—makes the songs a little more screechy and punk. The bass is strong, and I bet they’re really fun live. Dig it.

 –Jennifer Federico (Jojo, myspace.com/jojorecords)

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