ELECTRICUTIONS, THE: Forgotten City: 7” single

Jul 18, 2011

What caught my eye, initially, is Kid Congo Powers produced this. Never known him to be connected to anything bad. So, I put this record on, and get hit with some really good punk that recalls the first wave, not to mention a little bit of power pop thrown in to give this a little more dimension. Lyrically, they lean on the political side, yet they’re not droll and sloganeering. The songs present a bleak view on the surface, but there’s defiance in the delivery, and also one of hope, as in the song “Days Like These”: “Now you got nothing to show for living on your knees / Stop / Get up / I ain’t dying but I’ve had enough.” Better believe it!

 –M.Avrg (Windian, windianrecords.com)