ELECTRIC SHADOWS: Break The Rules b/w She’s All You Got: 7”

Nov 21, 2006

This NYC trio appears to be led by some manner of extra-terrestrial expat from one or another of the ümlaut planets, and are approximately 1.5 levels of Hair more glam than Some Action (i’m not exactly sure of the factor. I’d need to see their hair better). I am quite thankful that this record didn’t come with a press sheet of any sort, because the band’s mission statement is almost certainly something on the order of “we want to cross the pop hooks of the Raspberries with the swagger of the New York Dolls and Heartbreakers, served up in a hot tub full of T. Rex and Kiss with three quarters of a jigger of Aerosmith and Suzi Quatro as a drain stopper” or similar act of genius. I mean, fuckin-A, ya feel like blowing your (or their) brains out before you’ve even taken the record out of the sleeve. BUT, that said, the record does sound reasonably like the aforementioned concoction, and both the songs are kinda good. By the way, the Font Police would like to see you in Room 101 at your earliest convenience. Bring your own rat. BEST SONG: “Break The Rules” BEST SONG TITLE: “She’s All You Got” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: No offense to the dead or the living, but i saw Nikki Sudden, and he sucked.

 –norb (Douchemaster)

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