Here’s the disclaimer: Mike Frame, who’s in this band, does reviews and interviews for us. So take this how you will. The Electric Kisses are Nikki Corvette-style fun. Simple, stripped, direct, clear punk rock that’s poppy. They seem so internal and comfortable with punk rock: declaring a person’s love is stuck to B-side status, that friends are either dead or have stopped living, and it’s all wrapped around one of those honking big lollipops swirled with a rainbow of colors, with a carbon monoxide center. The one thing I wished on the initial listens: more immediate explosions and pock marks. But it’s weird—compared to, say, The Eyeliners or Riff Randles—where, at first, I was floored, and then, later, I wouldn’t have minded a little more (which I think those bands were capable of)—The Electric Kisses deliver in dosed drips. The details slowly pop out and splash a new clarity to the songs: “Oh shit, they totally ripped off The Kids cover (down to the tape on the edges),” and “for being lyrics about adolescent-type sounding stuff, they’re really seasoned. I don’t feel like a pedophile listening to this.” So, yup, count me as a fan, more and more with each successive listen. Cool stuff.

 –todd (Full Breach Kicks)