Electric Frankenstein: Camden Underworld, London - 17 December 2000 DVD

Mar 03, 2011

There are two main things i find interesting about Electric Frankenstein: #1 is that, for a time, they reportedly had the late Rik L Rik in the fold – my generation's Iggy Pop for the ten minutes or so that my generation had an Iggy Pop. #2 is that people find things interesting about Electric Frankenstein other than #1. I mean, i got nothin' against 'em, other than the fact that i truly fail to see how a band can play for like two hours and never once do anything to grab my attention. It boggles the mind! Their material seems like it's just created by some software program where you punch in a bunch of clichés and it churns out new clichés, just not as exciting or interesting as the original ones (i think the Black Halos run the same program). This band simply does not connect with me. Watching and/or listening to them is like eating air, or drinking tap water. I guess i don't really have anything else to say, although here is my description of the first few minutes: A bunch of chunky dudes with bad haircuts come out on stage. They play a song that uses Black Flag's "Nervous Breakdown" riff, but tack on extra filler to said riff to diffuse its impact and render the song suitably ineffective. The crowd slams around. The song eventually ends. The singer bitches about the monitors. They start another song. The lead guitar player plays some riffs kind of like what Cheetah Chrome would do, but less involved and interesting. The crowd slams around some more. The song eventually ends. The singer bitches about the monitors, and tells the crowd how the band doesn't have much time to play (this is an eighteen song DVD). They start another song. This time the guitar player uses a Budweiser bottle (note: in England, the Budweiser is 5.0% alcohol, it's really quite good) as a slide, which i usually enjoy, but he doesn't really do anything cool with it like when i saw Andy Scott of Sweet do it. He just kind of slides it down the neck like you're supposed to do with a mike stand. The crowd slams around some. The song eventually ends. Iterate the operation. BEST SONG: jeez, that would be like choosing between a favorite bowel movement, but the best DRESSED is the rhythm guitar player: He has one of those lightning bolt guitar straps from the olden days, which is cool enough, and he's also wearing a shirt with a huge Frankenstein head on it. Get it? Lightning bolt + Frankenstein = Electric Frankenstein??? That actually IS cool. The rhythm guitar player's rock garb is my official #3 interesting thing about Electric Frankenstein! Other puds in band take note!!! BEST SONG TITLE: I dunno, i think they all kind of suck, but "Speed Girl" and "Action High" suck the least. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: As indicated elsewhere in this issue, the Camden Underworld is the only place i've ever been to in London, and the fact that this DVD was shot there just serves to underscore my theory that the Camden Underworld IS the only place in London, and that everything else is just a myth to scare off the French! - Abner Doubledong (Punkervision)