Feb 15, 2006

This is pure retro Blue Cheer rock, with what sounds like Ted Nugent's original singer. I like old school rock, but this is just awful. It sounds like the guitarist bought a flanger pedal, then set about wanking the fuck out of it for the sole purpose of making use of the $150 spent on it. Or maybe to share a drug-induced Hallmark moment with the rest of us. The arrangement of songs lacks a distinct cohesion, so I suppose this would be listenable after dropping a tab. This is followed by a dreadful cover of "Iron Man." Good god, I've been spoiled by listening to good rock bands like Sleep and Asbestos Death that this is just unlistenable. So for me this is music to drink to-as in if this is playing, I'm taking off to the bar.

 –guest (Gearhead)