Sep 30, 2008

Man, some things just have to be filed under enigma, like this Electric Bunnies seven inch here. I know, I know, gees oh gees, let’s not start on the name. I’m going to focus on the positive and this three piece out of Miami, Florida thrash out two poppy garage-influenced gems that just flat out rock. I’m about to kick myself for being from Florida and not having heard them before. Then, I flip to the B-side and the bottom drops out. There’s this muted-out electro dump-fest that sounds like new age chanting. It just makes me want to toss what seemed like a potentially nice surprise right into my “you’re headed to the used record store” pile. I haven’t heard enough of ‘em to know which band they are, but I’m willing to seek out more releases in order to solve this riddle. If it’s the band on the A-side, hoorah! But if I hear one more song like the one on the B-side, I’m done. 

 –Dave Disorder (Florida’s Dying, floridasdying.com)