ELECTRIC BLOOD: Single 2011: 7”EP

Nov 15, 2011

Mellow, shambolic, staggering proto indie rock. It’s charming and pleasant stuff. It sounds like a shanty when the organ kicks in. It also sounds non-calculating, small-fi, and small-audience. Having originally been recorded in ‘82 and ‘84 in New Zealand; that all makes sense. It features Robert Scott, who went on to be in The Clean and The Bats (see the interview in Razorcake #62). It reminds me of cave paintings, at the dawn of independent rock’n’roll when it was just first being called “college rock”: crude strokes scratched along the uneven surfaces of culture. But their intent is crystal clear and surprisingly resilient. Thanks for making this much more available—and on vinyl for the first time—Spacecase. Goodonyah.

 –todd (Spacecase)