ELDORADO AND THE RUCKUS: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?: CD

Dec 13, 2007

The break up of the Porch Ghouls was, indeed, a crying shame. Even more difficult is the fact that it freed up Sun Records aficionado and frontman Eldorado del Rey to concoct this ridiculous, emo new wave bastardization of Memphis blues and garage. Apparently, the album is titled after the Philip K. Dick story that became the film Blade Runner, which explains, well, pretty much everything. The resonator guitar adds a great Pell Mell touch, but when mixed with repetitive electronic “drum triggering,” the result is disquieting. On the same parallel plane as Electric 6 and as uncomfortable as Buck Rogers running through the Twilight Zone with a room temperature speculum.

 â€“thiringer (Big Foot)

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