From Austria, El Camino Car Crash (ECCC)’s lineup includes former members of Within Walls and Unveil, though, thankfully, their new project is much less mosh-metal sounding than either of those bands. Instead, they draw their sound from ‘90s and early ‘00s hardcore influences. It’s a vein mined heavily by a number of popular current American bands (of which I am not a fan), but ECCC’s sound digs deeper and wider, producing something that sounds more original than their American contemporaries. While it’s possible to recognize ECCC’s influences, they are not a carbon copy of any past band. They get heavy, they get soft—bordering on melodic—but their music always feels uniquely their own. If there’s any place where ECCC feels a tad generic, it’s lyrically. They cover the sort of positive, inspirational themes I would expect from a band on Take It Back, but there was nothing that I found particularly memorable. 

 –Paul J. Comeau (Take It Back, [email protected], [email protected])