EL BANDA: Wisi Mi: 7”

Jul 03, 2009

This is a great follow-up release from this Warsaw, Poland band who put out the wonderful debut LP, Przejdzie ci. This time around they seem to have grown from their dark melodic hardcore beginnings and are pushing the envelope in growth. The first side starts off with a dark mid-tempo number that reminded me a lot of the now-defunct Signal Lost: charging female vocals on top of the rhythmic chords shows power without resorting to the use of speed. The second track, being more melodic, reminded me, for some reason, of the playfulness of one of those ‘80s new wave bands that I used to see on MTV when they actually showed videos. It’s by far my favorite track on the whole release. Flip this baby over and they show that they have not lost their punk edge. The last track closes off the experience with a massive gang chorus backed by more of a rock-edged tune. If Post Regiment, La Fraction, The Assassinators, Utopia, or the many other female-led punk bands is your thing, you need to get one these. (The exchange rate of the US Dollar is decent to the Polish Zloty.)

 –don (Pasazer)

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