EL BANDA: Skutki Uboczne: 2xLP

May 04, 2010

I was first introduced to this wonderful band from Poland through Todd during a visit to Razorcake HQ. It was the band’s debut record, Przejdzie ci, which he knew would hit my soft spot for my love of female-fronted bands. I bought a copy out of the distro without a listen and took it home to be quite impressed with what came out of the speakers. Sometime later, making an order from the label in Poland, the label asked if I would mind if my order was delayed so they could send me a review copy of El Banda’s new 7” to review. Woohoo! New 7”?! No problem! Some time passed and I was shopping on the label’s website again and I saw that there was an upcoming double LP with twenty-four songs. Twenty-four songs?! It was a no-brainer that I had to possess this. I’ve got the record in my hands and love that it is encased in a heavy gatefold cover. I quickly appreciate the artiness of the photos used throughout. Musically, it did not disappoint. The progression of this band is pushed even further than their debut LP. Post punk, jazz, punk, and the kitchen sink is thrown out there for an aural delight. It’s good to hear this band pushing the limits to see what might come together. Even with the experimentation, the energy level maintains a high level of aggression and rawness. It doesn’t dip when you can hear the band being playful. With so many songs to digest, I did not feel it was labored. The variety justifies the attention. El Banda are truly one of the most captivating bands that has caught my attention in the last few years.

 –don (Pasazer)

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