EJECTOR SEATS, THE: …Like Apple Pie…: LP

Jul 28, 2014

Like their last LP that I reviewed for Razorcake, Ejector Seats return with an inventive blend of pop and garage. This LP comes on clear vinyl, with red, white, and black splatters and is housed in a pretty gatefold sleeve. The songs are raw, though, with a viably anti-digital quality emphasized in the production. Experimenting with more rhythmic changes than on their prior releases, this is still super danceable. Not quite in the sloppy pop vein of the old SecretCenter bands, Ejector Seats remind me of that era anyway. The vocals are pissed this time around, adding to the energy. The ironic title is super funny, especially since, in the end, there does end up being an apple pie-like accessibility to the noise.

 –Art Ettinger (Collision Course)