EJECTOR SEATS: …Like Apple Pie…: LP

Is there a line when a band starts being so toneless that they become a hardcore band? Or perhaps a limit of melody that a hardcore band is allowed to have before it’s shunted to the more melodic categories of the subgenre? Much like bands like Brutal Knights or Shitty Limits, Ejector Seats ride that imaginary line so tightly that’s near impossible to point to either side and claim that they belong there. The music is excellently written, though perhaps not recorded the best. It seems weird to complain about the recording techniques of a punk record, but there’s a point where musical instruments become distorted beyond the point of recognition. There are a few tracks where the backing music just sounds like shoegaze fuzz, and I can’t imagine that was intentional. Great record, poor production. They pretty much only lose points for not having a better recording. Grade: B.

 –Bryan Static (Collision Course)