EGGHEAD: Would Like a Few Words with You: CD

Nov 02, 2010

I appreciate a song about how “my daughter can fuck up your daughter.” Also, they win the award for best liner notes of the year. Gems include a section called “Reasons We Said No When Axl Rose Asked Us to Back Him as the New Guns N’ Roses.” Top reason? “He refuses to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide.” Also, they include a list of “Good Names for Bands That No One Has Used Yet.” Best names (i.e. most ridiculous names) include: To Be Perfectly Frankenstein” and “Fuck it, We’ll Make Our Own Helicopter.” Also, on the website for Mike Faloon’s website, Go Metric, he explains the reason for a several year break from recording new material. In classic Egghead fashion, he explains that one band member “spent several years attempting to breed a dog that only lives for a month, for people that want a dog but are leaving town in a month.” Good ideas, all around, but on to the music itself, as I guess that’s what I’m actually supposed to be doing. Egghead plays music that’s somewhere between pop punk and power pop—lots of back-up vocals, plus some amazing lyrics, with influences that go well beyond (or take a detour around the traditional Queers/Screeching Weasel Super Highway.). For example, in a song about a relationship gone wrong, they sing, “I’m on the couch with Steinbeck/And she leased a tanning bed/What the hell am I thinking?/Why not kill myself instead?” It’s hard not to get into lyrics like that. If this were a cereal, it’d be Quisp, a cereal that was discontinued for about ten years, but came back and developed a new generation of eager consumers. Fun!

 –maddy (Knock Knock, [email protected])