Mar 17, 2008

Reunions—they’re a dangerous slope indeed. Some bands come back and tour year after year, but don’t put out any new music (Circle Jerks and Agent Orange—I’m looking at you!), while other bands release new material that actually surpasses their original run. In that file I would add The Effigies who rival Mission Of Burma for “king of the mountain” bragging rights. Fierce, unrelenting, but thoughtful punk music from this band. John Kezdy’s lyrics are extremely insightful on what seems to be a political bent. Steve Economou pounds the skins like nobody’s business. Paul Zamost provides inventive bass riff-olas. And “newcomer” Robert McNaughton ties it all together with his guitar chokeholds. “Cold Plate” and “The Guv’ner” are good for appetizers, but the whole record will be like a prime rib entree: red and juicy.

 –koepenick (Criminal I.Q.)