EERIE VON: Bad Dream #13: CD

Jul 22, 2006

Poor Eerie Von. He was the Misfits' roadie, then he got to play bass in Samhain. When Samhain turned into Danzig, Eerie lucked out and made the cut (I guess sticking it out through Final Descent paid off for him.) But, at some point right after Danzig IV came out, Eerie must've done something to piss Glenn off, ‘cause he got kicked out of Danzig, and ever since he's been like a ghost, occasionally drifting by with a solo album like this one. It's apparent that Eerie wasn't the secret songwriting talent in either Samhain or Danzig, ‘cause this CD pretty much relies on tricks to get by. Tricks, I imagine, that Eerie learned from Glenn during the keyboard-and-drum-machine phase of Final Descent. Tricks borrowed from the bullshit that Glenn is trying to pass off as Danzig these days. Pretty much, this record sounds like a dude dicking around on a four track. And that's pretty much what it is.

 –ben (Ghastly)