EEGOS, THE: Self-titled: 7”

Mar 17, 2009

I really liked their other self-titled 7” (this one has the brain on the cover) and was hoping they would be on a path going up, from a cool power pop group I wouldn’t mind hearing to the essential listening of The Marked Men, and this 7” is about there. The first song, “If You Ain’t Shaking,” is great pop pop pop pogo fun with silly words. Then the next song, “Daddy’s Money,” is what I was hoping for. Really driving, edgy snotty brilliance that I can’t stop playing and head nodding to. I think it’s about a greaser kid who takes a rich girl out on a date and swears to not love her, or something. Pretty perfect. I don’t want to say the B-side is filler; it’s really fun. It’s just that I’m still bopping on that one song.

 –mike (Felony Fidelity)

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