EDHOCHULI: Self-titled: LP

May 30, 2014

According to my research, the name is derived from Ed Hochuli, an attorney and longtime NFL official. Thankfully, the band avoids both legal mumbo jumbo and meathead hoorah. Instead, these Pittsburgh punks grant us six dizzying tunes full of Black Sabbath solos, finger bass noodles, harsh vocals, and genuine eardrum abuse. Although they exhibit technical hardcore and sludge influences, pure rock bombast—sans the machismo, misogyny, and ill-fitting pants—bleeds through every note. (There’s even a song that features an extensive acoustic guitar intro that deviates into a tasty tapping riff.) The tunes are impressively composed with tempo changes, thick licks, and long, playful titles (“Dude, Here Comes the Sweet Part”). Edhochuli is the type of band that warrants watching while dumbfounded and agape as they shred without a hint of smugness and modestly gyrate their hips. 

 –Sean Arenas (Ethospine, ethospine.com, [email protected])