EDGEWISE: Complete Discography: CD

Jul 16, 2009

Who are they? Did they break up? How many releases did they put out? Were they or are they popular? Did they tour? Who was or is in the band? What are the lyrics? No thank you list? So many questions and no info on the packaging. For a discography, I would at least expect a lot of info provided to inform those like me not in the know. All that is written is this is a compilation of two recording sessions and they do S.O.A and Smiths covers. Okay, I’m going in totally blind. The music is East Coast metalcore that might be current or not. I would say they have that Strife mixed with Biohazard sound going for them. The production is on the polished end. The guitars are recorded clean with just enough compression to make it punch. The drummer sounds like he had lessons and took total advantage of the instructions. The vocals are clear, yet not sung. Almost rapping at times, which makes me believe the East Coast connection. Maybe I’m stingy, but I just want more than the music and a photo.

 –don (Thorp)