Recorded at Missing Link Records, Melbourne in 2008 and originally released in a three-hundred run of cassettes through Mikey Young’s Aarght label, this is an awesome-sounding live set by two of Australia’s finest bands. As one who celebrates the entire ECSR catalog (that’s available in the States, which is all but the earliest singles), I’m stoked. Live energy and on-point playing make up for brief lapses in fidelity (as should be expected and embraced for any authentic live recording). The day the egg cracked for me with ECSR was a long desert drive with Primary Colors on repeat in the player. The songs stood up to the large vistas; painted them. The blip-blip-blip of close-by cacti matched the tick of the guitar. That’s a lot of space and time to fill without being bored. The UV Race don’t slouch. More blunt and harder than their compatriots, yet distinctly in the loosely defined New Wave of Australian Garage Rock (NWOAGR), it’s a great pairing of two brother bands. It’s rare that I’ll say that both completists and folks new to the bands can rejoice over a live record. In this case, it’s true. Cool stuff. I’m glad it got the vinyl treatment. 

 –todd (Almost Ready)