My esteemed colleague, Suburban Voice’s Al Quint, tells me this is a reissue of this band’s first album, and I ain’t gonna argue with him ’cause everyone knows Al knows his shit. He also sang this band’s praises and, again, I’m inclined to agree. What this Aussie band does here is synthesize a number of influences in ways that recall past styles—a little Headcoats here, some classic ‘80s thud-punk there, maybe even a little Sniveling Shits as —while infusing it with a heap of much-needed ineptitude to keep things vibrant and relevant instead of slick and contrived. The often monosyllabic lyrics about love, poverty, and ice cream and the verve with which they play the tunes recall the best of punk’s first few waves without sounding like a stale tribute band.

 –jimmy (Goner)