May 04, 2010

I feel like a gushing, horny teenager when I try to explain the Eddy Current Suppression Ring. That feeling ain’t all Tiger Beat-y for the dudes in this Australian band (and Razorcake #55’s cover band), but the music itself; their ability to clip off the lawn tips of the best of music from the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s and somehow shape that into contemporary, sculpted, interesting songs is nothing short of phenomenal. And instead of sounding like a band on a soft rock music station floating along, dumping crap in your ear, the effect is almost music-narcotic. I realize I’m a music dork. Got it. A funny thing happens when I play ECSR to new people whose taste I respect: “Wow they sound like X, mixed with Z,” where the X and Z are among the person’s favorite bands. Where X and Z are rarely the same, from person to person and widely divergent, but I can see it and it makes sense. Over and over again. That’s incredible. It shows not only how deep the pool ECSR are drawing from, but I’m convinced they’re a band chock full of music dorks, too, and this music’s just a human form of electricity inside of them. It’s not a phase, dabble, or calculation. The crib notes comparing Rush to Relax to their second full-length Primary Colours? It’s a bit less brooding, and quite possibly one of the brightest-sounding social anxiety records I’ve ever heard. Recommendations for records don’t come higher. I’ll be playing ECSR for years and years to come. (If you look close to the cover, the band had a plane fly a banner of their name behind them as they posed for the shot. Awesome.)

 –todd (Goner)