Jun 23, 2009

Solid EP here with snot-induced, rock and roll-fueled jamming, ala Johnny Thunders, especially “Radio Video” and “Steal & Squeal.” Hints of The Clash are heard on “It’s Going Down,” and it’s a good thing. Extra-added fun for all is hidden at the end of this disc with a version of the Undertones’ “Teenage Kicks,” and the Eddie Haskells do their part in covering it quite nicely. These guys need to make it down to LA for a coupla shows. Fans of the Spits and The Girls will dig ‘em, most definitely. By the way – Eddie Haskell – wasn’t he that pesky fuck on Leave It to Beaver? God, didn’t you just wanna beat that Haskell kid down to the ground with a brick? Always kissing the asses of the parents on that show, thinking he’s so sly and fucking slick. The kind of guy that would turn his own brother out for some chick, a genuine loudmouth that never learned the phrase, “Snitches wear stitches.”

 –dale (Hubcap N Wheel...no fucking address...dopes... www.eddiehaskells.com)

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