Mar 27, 2012

Two powerviolence bands who vary the style enough to stand apart, sound-wise, from each other. Eddie Brock have a good dose of metal (more in tune with Integrity than grindcore) in their guitar sound and riffs, not to mention they are a little faster than Lapse. Both songs, “Pointer Thumb Pinky” and “Absol” bleed together, and you have to listen close, as they are a bit similar in tone. The song goes from fast to a slow pace, then they pick it back up with some back and forth at the end. Some riffs remind me of the metallic hardcore bands of the ‘90s. The side of this split that I play most is Lapse. They have a more traditional powerviolence sound, drinking deep from the well of Infest and Lack Of Interest: drill sergeant-style vocals, crushing riffs, a good amount of low end, and some noise (opening of “Barbarize”) thrown in to keep things interesting. When they hit the high speeds, it’s akin to getting tossed around in a triple set of eight foot waves. They deliver this stuff with undeniable intensity. I can’t stop playing their side! Fuck... So damn good.

 –M.Avrg (To Live A Lie, tolivealie.com / Hostile Input, hostileinput.com)

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