ED WARNER: Apocalypse Buddies: 10”

Ed Warner offers up a raucous and unrestrained delivery that isn’t too far removed from that which SNFU has made a career out of. There’s nothing elaborate here, with the tracks being concise and benefitting from a production job that maintains a gritty urgency throughout. Without the aid of a lyric sheet the band could easily be singing in its native French tongue, but on perusing such an item it seems as if some of the songs might have been translated via some dodgy online application to allow them to be performed in English. Frequently lacking any sense of cohesion, nothing was more confusing than the line: “Your feet smelt bacon” in the track “From Here to Eternity.” A decent sounding record let down slightly by the lyrics. 

 –Rich Cocksedge (Crapoulet, [email protected], crapoulet.fr)