ECFU: Cassette tape

Aug 24, 2009

Well, hell, I got pissed off when I put out a tape of my band and certain fanzines had a no-tape policy. I don’t know if Razorcake has a policy, but this is the first tape I’ve gotten from Todd, and I think it’s exactly the reason certain zines have a no-tape policy: the recording level is so low it’s barely audible at top volume on two different tape players, the lyric sheet isn’t even set up to go in a cassette case (okay, I guess, since it didn’t come in one – it came in a rubber band)(wait, I think it came in a safety pin and I put the rubber band on later), and there’s no land or email address, just a phone number. “ECFU” apparently stands for “Electric City Fuck You” but “you” starts with a “y.” Songs are about “I hate my dad,” “I hate work,” “I hate my school,” “I hate New York City,” “I like to skate” and the movie Return of the Living Dead. Call ‘em up: 518-346-7291. I think they’re from Schenectady.

 –doug ()

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