EATER: The Album: 2 x CD

Jul 24, 2008

Hell yeah, this is great. You have your Clash, you have your Sex Pistols, etc., etc. You need to have Eater in your life as well. Otherwise it’s going to be a bit incomplete. This has been reissued a couple times before, but this is thee edition to pick up, fer sure. Everything they recorded studio-wise is on here, along with some live tracks. Primo U.K. punk from the “early days.” Driving, tuneful, catchy, lewd, crude, and on and on. All description used to turn you on to music can be applied. Songs like “No Brains,” “You,” and “I Don’t Need It” are punk personified, or sonic-fied. Get it?!? Then there’s the out of left field tracks like “Michael’s Monetary System” and “Luv & Piece.” Not to mention the great covers, a practice I usually frown upon. But Eater does it right. “Sweet Jane,” “Fifteen” (“Sixteen” reworked), “Waiting for the Man,” and “Jeepster” get ran through the transmogrifier and come out Eater-ized. Disc one is “The Album,” and disc two collects the singles and more. Absolutely essential.

 –M.Avrg (Anagram)