E.A.T.E.R.: Doomsday Troops: 7” EP

Jun 13, 2014

Not to be confused with first wave U.K. kiddie punk sensations Eater, this similarly acronymed unit, full name Ernst And The Edsholm Rebels, is yet another legendary Swedish hardcore band and this is a repress of their first EP originally released in 1983. Like many of their peers, they kick out some righteous, thrashy jams for your ear hole, with maybe a bit more quirk in the vocals and a bit less Discharge in the song structures. After decades of hearing assorted tracks on the oodles of compilations they’ve graced, it’s nice to finally get my grubby little mitts on a copy of this bad boy. They’re apparently still going strong, and a quick internet search produced the opportunity to sample some of their more recent work. They definitely remain a band worthy of much attention. 

 –jimmy (Loud Punk)