EASY ACTION: Self-titled: CD

Aug 08, 2009

This is pure skull-crushing Detroit-bred rock’n’roll brutality! It’s a mammoth screaming slaughterhouse of sound that’s drenched to the bone in blood, sweat, attitude, and crazed balls-out fury. The razor-slashed gargoyle vocals demonically shriek and growl in unbridled fits of roaring rage. The guitars are thickly laden with maximum distortion overdrive makin’ ‘em heavier than a tyrannosaurus rex’s testicles. The bass furiously belches forth an unrelenting maelstrom of low-end locomotive rumble and the drums stomp, bash, and boom along like the explosive end result of 100 million Tomahawk cruise-missiles obliterating their intended targets deep in the heart of Afghanistan. Since Easy Action are so obviously incomparable to any other band I could possibly mention, I’ll just state for the record that this cacophonously killer combo is comprised of former members of Negative Approach, Laughing Hyenas, The Necros, Gravitar, and Thrall. Indeed, they’re a ferocious sonic force not to be dealt with lightly. After several enthusiastic listens, I sit here shitfaced and stewed, wondering what in the hell just hit me upside the head with such lethal fullforce intensity; the life-altering auditory terrorism of Easy Action, of course! -Roger Moser, Jr.

 –guest (Reptilian)

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