Sep 29, 2008

All around solid seven-song split from these two U.K. punk bands. Eastfield are up first, playing English ‘77-style punk (however, this Yankee tends to think most British bands with hooks fall into the ‘77 category) with relevant, sharp songwriting. They play two originals and two covers: one of Divine and the other an intense update of The Tom Robinson Band’s “Glad to Be Gay.” The latter easily being the best track on the album, with lyrics updated to be (more) relevant to today, with the corporate co-opting of queer culture. The rest of their songs were short, to the point, and addictive. Destructors 666 have gruff sort of vocals, reminding me of Jimmy Pursey at times. They have a Seeds cover as well as two originals which were, you could say, more party-oriented than Eastfield. Good punk rock that is a nice throwback to old records you know and love, but exciting enough to keep you from turning it off to play those old records.

 –Craven (Rowdy Farrago)

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