EAST ARCADIA: We Only See From Where We Stand: CD

Jul 26, 2009

Pop punk with meaningful, if non-specific lyrics. Some bands tell you society sucks, some show you how it does, or why it does, these guys write metaphors around it. There is a definite posi-core vibe to this – there is bad, but a feeling we will overcome. I keep going back and forth between if these guys remind me more of Strike Anywhere (which they sound a LOT like – but more in an affinity sense than a rip off one) or the weird rarity of Christian punk that is more punk than Christian (it does exist, it just is really unusual). I don't mean preaching, I mean having lyrics about personal responsibility and being good and society and that, and music that backs it up. I like this, but I kept looking for the Jesus references that are hidden somewhere.

 –rich (Gekido Comet)