Jan 06, 2011

Earthmen And Strangers: It’s been a long time since I’ve thought about the Talking Heads as, well, as a punk-punk band. Oh, I understand their history. I get that, but I haven’t seen any of their direct influence on punk bands recently. I can’t remember the last time I dropped by a friend’s house and they plopped on the Talking Heads. But it’s in Ryan Rousseau’s capable hands that I have to do some double-thinking. The first half of “Slaves” has that tense, slightly off-kilter, atmospheric-as-an-empty-highways, almost bordering on a warble feel of early Talking Heads. Then the song hits the high gears and blows the doors off so hard, you’re digging gravel out of your ears at the end. This song could’ve easily been on the Repo Man soundtrack. Far Corners: Bordering on no-fi, this could be totally shitty, but if you’ve ever had a soft spot for Supercharger or the Oblivians and you can spot the hidden melodies in a recording that sounds like it was done in someone’s kitchen when their mom is making grilled cheese sandwiches, I know you’ll find their charms-in-the-rough as appealing as I did.

 –todd (Dirt Cult, / GC,