EARTH: Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II: CD

I have not heard Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light part I in its entirety, but the two albums were recorded at the same time, and—based on what I have heard of the first—this is a natural extension. The groundwork of this: spare, ever-building riffs, atmospheric cello, and cavernous but sparse drums. The five tracks that make up the forty-five minute runtime of this instrumental album have really given me an appreciation of why the appellate “stoner metal” came to be. This album is about the setting of a mood and place, and as such I would say it is a triumph of production. It is probably best enjoyed in either the grips of full audiophilic immersion (possibly aided by someone’s dispensary prescription), or as background music. In short, this will not get the heart racing, but maybe it will get certain people’s heads working if caught in the right frame of mind.

 –Adrian Salas (Southern Lord)